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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  September 24, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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was a law student. she was run over by someone who thought she ran over an animal and kept driving. natasha ed in the hospital, but all the lives she touched took part in a vigil tonight. here's darcy with more on that. darcy? >> reporter: there are more questions surrounding the investigation. why didn't that driver stop? will she face charges? but a the vigil tonight, it was about rememberg a life cut short. a candlelight vigil drew people from across the community to remember the life of 32-year-old natasha pettigrew. the law student was struck and killed while riding r bike in the early morning hours. >> she was unconscious. i didn't kw if she could hear me or she couldn't, so one of
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the main things i kept saying was keep breathing, keep breathing. >> she was riding her bike around 35:30 in the morning whe she was struck by a woman driving a cadillac escalade. she reported the accident when she got home. >> all i could do was pray. i prayed then and i've continued to pray to this day and i wi continue to pray for the rest of my life because it will stay with me for the rest of her lif >> the principal of her high school spoke. >> many clubs, she played lacrosse. her really goal was her studies. she had a passion for studies. ♪ >> people sang songs and prayed. the vigil meant to be a
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celebration of a young woman whose life held so much promise. >> i would like to keep her wishes to be able to fire people, to reach their highest potential. >> a maryland state police official says this investigation is wide open and ongoing, and we should know sometime soon whether anyharges will be filed. reporting live from largo, darcy spencer, news4. back to you, dory. >> jim? a verdict has been rendered in a drunk driver who was charged in the death of a baseball pitcher from maryland. he was killed in california last year. a car ran a red light and hit andlammed into their car. e edwin hart was drafted while a student in hagerstown. today the judge found the
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driver, an dree galldrew gallo, driving on a suspended license. fire officials in na manass are still trying to figure out what caused a massive fire that burned several house to the ground. some residents were in tears when they went back to see the damage for the fist time today. fast-moving flames destroyed three houses yesterday and damaged five others. some who live in t area are critical of t constructionf those homes, but fire officials say there were no structural damages. >> when they was building them, i said, these things are just too close together. >> my husnd told me, he said, no, angel, the house are too close together. >> these houses were built exactly aording to code at the time they were built. >> sprinklers and reinforced exterior fire walls are not required in home construction there. more than 60 crimes all over fairfax county have been
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committed by the same person. that's according to police investigators. the crime spree s stretched om sully to pharoah. there are numerous concerns because guns have been stolen. jackie bensen has the latest on this investigation. jackie? >> reporter:dory, the suspect doesn't even have to bother breaking in, and now, as you said, he has a gun. open garage doors. he targets neighbors in the county. he enters garages in the late night hours. >> the suspect is entering garages inside the home, retrievingar keys, entering the vehicles from t outside and taking items from in the car. >> reporter: the thief has been busy, very busy. after a news story last friday warning the community abo nearly four dozen break-ins,
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police think he committed nearly 20 more. this time he stole something re than purses and wallets. >> in the larcenies from vehicles, he has stolen two handguns out of those vehicles. so we are asking residents to be extremely cautious if they shoul encounter the suspect. >> reporter: fairfax county police are strongly urging homeowners to keep their garage doors closed at all times. on gables glen court in oakland, a cul-de-sac with six homes, two had open garage doors this afternoon. one was closed soon after we pointed it out. >> we are very cautious. we don't leave it open overnight, we don't leave it open when we're not here. we have friends coming over, that's why it's open now. >> reporter: there is a $1,000 reward for information in the case. doreen, back to you. >> jackie bensen reporting from fairfax county. thank you, jackie. the federal judge sordi is ordering the air force to
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reinstate a flight nurse who was discharged from being in a same-sex relationship. it haveviolated her first amend rights. it is the second one this month to declare the military ban on gays unconstitutional. a candidate debate turned into a fight in las vegas. a brawl erupted last night fm people in the audience at a political forum. a woman there supporting harry reid said a man punched her in the face. the man is a supporter of sharon rangel. others say it was the woman who started the fight. no one was arrested. president obama is blasting leader ahmadinejad for comments he made about the september 11 attacks at the united nations yesterday. ahmadinejad claimed the u.s. government orchestrated 9/11 in an attempt to boost the u.s.
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economy and to help israel. >> it was offensive, it was hateful, and particurly for him to make the statement here in manhattan was inexcusable. >> they also said ahmadinejad's remarks would only serve to further isolate his governnt. analysts say he probably made the statement to deflect taec s attentions away from iran's nuclear defenses. it appears lindsay lohan is going to get out of jail. three bank robbers able to steal moy from a bank without ever going inside. >> what's ahead with our weekend weather? >> big changes on the way in the four-day forecast. we'll have that for you showing you when the next chances for rain may be. dan? coming up in sports, is it going to be chet williams or stefan hire starting with the
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redskins? we're talking high school football. they try to etend their winning streak to 13 games. and should the nats finally have their hey, ove, i'm gonna need a bank. any ideas? capital one bank. they're everyere. ♪ yeah, you're right! [ horns honking ] hey, ere's one right up the street. [ male announcer ] capital oneank. the most branches and atms in the dc area. what's in your wallet? ove, go long!
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the d.c. police have arrest aid man in connection with a murder last saturday of a 21-year-old woman in southeast d.c. today police arrested a guy named damon samms. he is an aspiring rapper. tonight dozens of people gather to remember mccray. she was shot and die of her injurs. police say they hope the arrest brings so closures. >> it was awful the way she left
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here. she shouldn't have left here that way, and i hestly hope and pray that we not only pray for her family but we pray for that young man's family that he gets some help. >> samms has been chared with second degree murder. the fbi are helping to search for three men who robbed a bank without ever going inside. it happened in coral gable, florida. the three robbers burst into a home last night. took a bank teller and his fathe hostage. then they strapped what appeared to b a bomb to the teller, took him to the bank and forced him to bring them cash. it's not clear how much money was stolen. a judge's decision to send troubled actress lindsay lohan to jail for the next 30 days has been blocked tonight. lohan was taken into custody earlier today on a charge she violated probation by failing a random drug test. that ruling put her behind bars until october 22nd with no chance of bail. lohan's attorney appeale and late tonight, another judge set bail at $300,000 and ordered
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lohan to wear what's called a skram device. that's an ankle bracelet that takes samples of perspiration every 30 minutes to monitor and report blood levels. a woman found out she was pregnant three hours before she gave birth. a late-night tv committee meeting took on immigration tonight. i sure hope chevy chase bank is becoming capital one bank. with the most lotions the dc area, we figured thecould use our help. ♪ down a bit.
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the governor of minnesota has issued a state of emergency after southn parts of that state have been flooding. a powerful storm system mped almost a foot of rain earlier this week. now the rivers and the streams are overflowing, washing out roads, among other things. and more rain is on the way this weekend.
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>> that looks bad. meanwhile, we are way behind on rainfall hee. >> and a drought. in some areas they saw over a foot of rain. some areas here need over 7 inches of rain to catch up to whate should benormally. the good news is we should have some rain in the forecast, and that coming after an incredibl hot day today. we reached 99 degrees during the afternoon today. just some amazing heat. the third day in a row where we saw temperatures over 90 degrees yesterday, saw 95 degrees. the good news is we're going to see some relief from that heat, but there it is, the record of 99, the old record of 94 set back in 1970. the old record today was 97, so we were 22 degrees warmer than the average. it was not too humid. that was some very good news. we cooled down to 88 degrees. across the region, most areas into the upper 70s to around 80
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degrees. 81 in sterling and down toward manassas, fredericksburg coming in at 82. notice 99 in d.c. that was the warmest temperature. still checking this out, but that may he been one of the warmest temperatures in the country today. 74 in omaha. this is the cooler air that's going to start making its way towards our area. it's making its way coursy of a cold front. that cold front is coming through the middle plains, coming through the ohio river valley and now into prts of west virginia. a few showers there, but i think for us it will provide some cloud cover overnight and into tomorrowmorning. we'll call it partly cloudy skies but as the front continues to move in laterin the day tomorrow, we'll see some cooler air moving into the area. not really cool tomorrow, still highs into the 80s, but by sunday, high pressure sets in and so does the eastern wind.
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highs on sunday will only be in the 7 0s in most locations and that's going to set us up for a big pattern change. that's going to allow a lot of moisture to come out of the gulf of mexico and out ofhe atlantic ean, and that could give us some much-needrain. we'll have very good chances of rain coming up sunday night and into monday and probably a couple other chances next week as well. so overnight tonight, not bad at all. partly cloudy, a warm night and a warm start tomorrow morning, 65 to 70 degrees tomorrow. we're still going to be on the warm side. temperatures will still be in the 80s. advertised around 77, so we'll still be about 10 degrees above average in the city. e next few days, showing chance of a shower on sunday. 72 degrees on sunday, 73 on monday. this is a day i expect most of the rain to occur. some areas cod pick up one to two inches of rain, and on tuesday, high around 80 degrees for a 30% chance of a shower as
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that first storm moves off, and then still waiting to see what's going to happen with another system that i think may be offshore but we could get some showers from that during the day on thursday as well. so we need to seesome rain out here, and itooks like mother nature is going to help out a bit. >> that sounds good. thanks, doug. coming up, t ds want your drugs ts weekend. in sports, we have highlights from the high school game of th [ male announcer ] need a better way to save for the things you want?
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this late season swo is happening again. all of a sudden, the nats just can't be beaten. they're looking good.
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adam dunne took last night off, came back tonight with a ven jens. skdmost in the nature and more than enough to help the nationals win their fourth straight of the season. third inning, adam dunn looking for his second home run. this one dare i say done and gone. a sixth multi-homer game of t season. nationals on top 3-0. nats pitcher george zimmerman trying to get back in the groove after a couple ort outings. zimmerman struck out five and gets his first win in 15 months. this was the py of e night. willie harris taking carl farnsworth deep.
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where is the ball, where is the ball? willie is thinking, i'm thinking inside-the-park home run. he was doing more than thinking it, he was doing it. the first inside-the-park home run in three years. the nationals win 8-3. he's bummed. the o's try to win in toronto. cecil tied at 1. cecil pitches to adam jones. cecil struck out four. bottom of the sixth now. chris tillman facing jose batista with one on, and this one is one gone. the sond homer of the night. the bluejays beat the orioles 6-4, the o's still winless and the bluejays 14th win of the season. this is the first time washington has been favored in a game this season, though not by
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a lot. the rams just 3.5-point underdogs despite not having won a home game since 2008. so it does set up nicelyor the rams to polish their lackluster game. the skinz still don't know if trent william will be available to help out. the rookie left tackle practiced today and is looking better, but it's a game time decision. williams still recovering from a bruised knee and a strained toe. he is officially listed as questionable. if he doesn't go, stefan hire likely to get the start. good highlights coming up re. a high school football game of the week in virginia. broad run looking to extend their winning streak to 33 games. the spartans, visiting rival parkview, which vus happejust h be the last team that beat them. all under an orange moon on a hot september night. second quarter, broad run in
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wide, derrick thomas goes along the left side, 25 yards into patriot territory. and the very next play, michael stratton rolls right, looks forward and finds steven field. nice pass, nice catch. 38-yard touch, a 34-0 sparn lead. a slick nine-yard scam per, it's 21-0 broad run. they go on to win, but the highght of the night turned in by pats. moving faster than one weatherman sitting at this table with a plate of free food. remember the other night, he was running all over the place. >> wait a second. >> ben almost scores the touchdown taken down there but not enough for them to win. broad run wins 42-21 over parkview. doug cameron was running around le crazy when he had those two ates of free food the other night. >> you had to talk about that, didn't you? > coming up, the c
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comedy central host stephen colbert testified on capitol hill today he spoke beforean immigration subcommittee about illegal immigrant farm workers. >> this brief experience gave me some small understanding of why so few americans are clamoring to begin an exciting career as seasonal migrant field worker. i don't want a tomato picked by a mexican. i want it picked by an american, then sliced by guatemalan and served by a venezuen in a spa
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where a chilean gives me a brazilian. >> republicans said colbert mocked their process and privately some democrats worried the spectacle would withstand some concerns about voter distrust in washington. the federal drug administration wants to curb drugs by take-back day. they want people to be encouraged to return drugs at locations worldwi with no questions asked by tomorrow. to find locations you can go to our web site and search "dea." there was a special delivery in a hospital by iowa that took a lot of people by surprise. amanda berger was not feeling well on wednesday morning. she decided to go to the hospital. doctors took her into a small exam room, they ransom tests and they found that berger was 36 weeks pregnant and in labor. she says she had no clue until
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the hours before she gave birth. >> i did six pregnancy tests over the course of five or six months and they all came up negative, i never had any weight gain, i never had any eating habits that were different. >> the child is nam mckinley. he was born on september 22nd -- i'm sorry -- she was born on september 22nd. how does one know? both she and her mother are
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all these women are vying to be on the same court as lebron james and chris bh this nbc season. known as the "golden oldies"
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held auditions. only women 60 or older got to try out. a few men tried out and some could bust a move. only 16 will make the final cut. all right. >> looks like fun. >> have aood weekend, folks. >> good night. [ cheers and applause ]


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